Thursday, 26 November 2009

Zooey mania?

She's done it for me again. Whilst browsing a few pictures on the iternet I stumbled across my favourite Ms Deschanel in the most gorgeous of preppy outfits; the perfect marriage of Parisienne on the prowl and Ivy League royalty. It's Gossip Girl in a wearable capacity, and has got me started on finding my own version of that wonderful skirt. My only lamentation might be the slight (and it is negligiable) under-accessorising. A pop of emerald green (in the form of a Carrie Bradshaw corsage or fabulous platform, round-toe heels) would have perfected this look.

Am I accepting pink?

Sometimes I see a beautiful look that just draws me out of my red, black and white bubble. Zooey Deschanel is one of my favourite stylistas (it has nothing to do with the last 5 letters of her name, I promise) and this outfit is a masterclass in her own brand of simplicity. Not only has she enviably pulled off the red lipstick/hot pink satin look, but her toned down accessories and nonchalantly tousled hair give the perfect pared-down chic, whilst still giving a glimmer of her magical personality. In an age where so many actresses dress to impress who knows who, Zooey is keeping it real and dressing for herself. And boy, does she know how to do it!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Take A Bow...or three

She may have the most contrived look on the block, but I'm rather loving Victoria Beckham's hairpieces in these pictures. The queen of preened chic can be used as inspiration to spice up the most toned down of looks, and even (for those mere mortals among us) on a bad hair day! Imagine how striking this look could be for after-work drinks or a relaxed meal when coupled with well-cut black trousers, classic coat and accesories. Added to which, it's not a pricey look to recreate; the high street are offering a fantastic range of hairpieces at the moment, and for those DIY princesses among you, it's something that would be very glue-gun friendly!

Victoria's hair-adornment obsession brings me nicely on to my latest style crush: Dannii Minogue. Watching her hair has become something of a guilty pleasure for me (and many of this nation's fashionistas) on a Saturday night - a welcome distraction from hearing Lloyd strangle out another Leona Lewis impression - and her pared down rehearsal look is another favourite of mine. Her cute headband is terribly practical, keeping her new asymetric fringe (seen below) out of her eyes whilst keeping the accessories playful. The monochrome look is always a winner with me...

P.S....I've found Dannii's exact headband at!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Life in monochrome with a hint of scarlet.

So, this is my first ever post on the blog. What's my life all about, and where's this blog going? Well, I'm a stickler for all things red, white, and black (and a little gold never goes amiss), Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy, Balmain and Chanel. In a flurry of (ahem!) 'inimitable' style clones morphing into the undeniably beautiful Alexa Chung, I'm trying to keep the gamine strain of chic alive and kicking. Love or hate her severe and somewhat sinisterly manicured style, Victoria Beckham is doing her own bit for the style wars. Harking back to the age of clean cut lines and elegance is what I'm all about, and although I don't possess the beauty of the lovely Miss Hepburn, I do glean a lot of style inspiration from her. Stay tuned for comments on my favourite looks of recent weeksL.